Thuraya FAQ

What does the Thuraya handheld offer?

Thuraya is a mobile satellite phone with integrated GPS. The 7101 and the SG2520 also offer GSM capabilities.

Where can I use the Thuraya phone?

While you are in the coverage area, you can use the Thuraya phone to call anywhere or receive a call from anywhere in the world. You will also be able to use the phone on GSM mode in areas with compatible GSM networks and with whom Thuraya has signed a roaming agreement, regardless of your location.

What are Thuraya’s services?

Thuraya offer Short Messaging Services (SMS), fax/data transfer at 9600 bps, voicemail, and call waiting and forwarding. Global Positioning System (GPS), or location determination, also comes as a standard feature. In addition, you will be able to make use of services such as Caller Line Identity Presentation (CLIP), Call Hold, Call Barring, Call Transfer, and Conference Calling.

Does the Thuraya handset operate indoors?

Thuraya services, like in any other GMPCS system, are intended for outdoor usage. However the Thuraya system will enable users who are indoors to receive an alerting signal. He or she can then move outdoors to start the call. The Thuraya user terminal is dual mode–GSM/Satellite Thuraya– and the user also has the option to use GSM while in a GSM network and indoors. Thuraya’s Fixed Docking Unit (FDU)- the Home/Office Docking product allows the usage of the Thuraya phone in an indoor environment such as home or office. The FDU will complement the Thuraya phone by extending its operations and functionalities inside buildings.

How long should I charge the battery the first time?

To assure maximum performance, always read the User Manual before attempting to use a Thuraya phone for the first time. Optimally, a battery will achieve full performance after two or three complete charge and discharge cycles.

Can I overcharge my battery?

Although the charger stops charging automatically when the battery is full, overcharging may shorten a battery’s life. Hence, never leave the battery connected to a charger for a very long period.

How can I set up my Voice Mail?

Dial 123 to access the voice mail system for the first time. Choose your language by pressing, 1- For English, 2- For Arabic, 3- For French. Create a password (4-6 digits) and press #, re-enter your password and press #. To program your voice mail press 3. From the phone press MENU 3-1 to choose which calls you wants to be diverting to your voice mail. To listen to your messages, dial 123.

How many phone book entries can I store in Thuraya phone memory?

Phonebook entries are usually stored on the SIM card. Thuraya lets you save up to the standard limit of book entries that are allowed in a SIM card.

What are the terms of the warranty period?

The manufacturers provide a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. To be eligible for warranty, you must present your warranty card with the phone and the proof of purchase at your nearest Thuraya maintenance centre.

How much does Thuraya phone weigh?

The Thuraya phone weighs approximately 220 grams.

What is the Thuraya code?

The Thuraya code is +88216 and each subscriber will have a unique 8 digit number. If someone tries to call me on my Thuraya phone while I’m overseas—what will I be charged? Thuraya applies the calling party pays principle. In most cases, a Thuraya subscriber will not pay for any incoming satellite calls. The calling party, on the other hand, will be charged according to the local telecom provider rates. If I am using a GSM card in my Thuraya phone, can I make satellite calls? Which number would people reach me at? When a subscriber is using a GSM SIM in a Thuraya phone, the phone acts like a normal GSM phone with your same GSM number. If your GSM operator has a roaming agreement with Thuraya, you will be able to roam into Thuraya and make satellite calls. In this case, you will receive your regular GSM monthly bill with roaming charges stating usage in Thuraya territory.

Can you define Roaming in relation to Thuraya?

Roaming is a facility that makes Thuraya subscribers (with Thuraya SIM cards) able to access other GSM networks in the area using their own SIMs. GSM subscribers (with GSM SIM cards) able to access Thuraya satellite services anywhere in the coverage area using their existing GSM SIM cards and a Thuraya phone.

What are Thuraya’s roaming charges?

Roaming charges are very similar to the international roaming call charges and to GSM industry standards. Fluxcon recommendeds that you use satellite where possible, as this is usually more cost effective.

Can I receive or make a call on a Thuraya phone while driving?

In most cases you will be able to receive or make calls while driving. To get optimal reception however, you will need to have direct line of sight with the Thuraya satellite.

Does Thuraya have a car kit?

Thuraya Vehicular Docking Adaptor (VDA) provides a station for the Thuraya phone recharging and in-vehicle operations.

What is ‘Fixed Docking Unit’?

The ‘Fixed Docking Unit’ (FDU) allows satellite usage in an indoor environment such as home or office. It complements the Thuraya phone by extending its operations and functionalities inside buildings where the satellite signal is not sufficient. Simply dock the Thuraya phone in ‘FDU’ and you’re ready to use it indoors. All the standard satellite-based services such as voice, fax/data and the supplementary services will be available when the phone is docked.

What is included in the Thuraya phone package?

Thuraya package comes with a phone, standard battery, SIM card, travel charger, user manuals, and a warranty card.

How do I use Data and Fax services from a Thuraya phone?

You will need to connect your Thuraya phone to a laptop/computer with a Data Cable (Thuraya Accessory) via a serial port. The Data Cable can be used to send/receive data and fax at 9.6 kbps.

How do I use GPS on the Thuraya phone?

In the phone menu, you can access all GPS related features from the GPS manager submenu.

How can I give my location to someone?

After you determine your GPS location, you can send it via SMS to anyone.

Are there any additional charges for using the GPS feature?

No, GPS is a built-in feature and free of charge in all Thuraya phones.

What is the Thuraya SMS center number?

The Thuraya SMS center number is +882161900000

How do I set up my message preferences to be able to use Thuraya’s SMS service center?

Please follow the procedure below:

  • Go to menu.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Then choose SMS Parameter.
  • Then choose SMS Center.
  • Enter +882161900000 as the SMS center number. Since Thuraya considered a virtual country, always use full country codes and numbers when sending SMS messages.

In what languages does Thuraya phone support SMS?

Thuraya phone supports SMS in English, Italian, French, and German.