Inmarsat, connecting the planet

Inmarsat’s story started in 1979, by helping ships stay in touch via satellite telephone. Today it stands as a recognised industry leader, constantly raising the bar for other mobile satellite service providers.

In August 2010, Boeing, the US aerospace firm was contracted to build and launch the Inmarsat 5s constellation of satellites. This will form the basis of the Inmarsat Global Xpress network, which will be capable of delivering mobile broadband speeds of up to 50 megabits per second.

Global coverage

Inmarsat currently has 11 satellites, which allow users to make calls or connect to the internet from their satellite phone, whether you’re at sea, on land or in the air.

Inmarsat’s award winning Broadband Global Area Network has allowed journalists to stream live feeds from remote locations around the globe into millions of homes. No other satellite mobile company can lay claim to this feat.

Inmarsat will soon be taking satcoms even further, by routing voice and data from mobile phones in use on commercial airlines.

Safety services

Inmarsat was initially an intergovernmental organisation that was developed to keep ships in telephone contact.

More than 30 years since its inception, Inmarsat’s reputation for world leading safety communications and services has moved beyond the maritime industry, into enterprise, aviation and government.