Iridium FAQ

How do I contact Customer Support?

Call 7861 from your Iridium handset or +27 12 346 1444 from a landline.

How do I obtain an unblock code?

Call Fluxcon Customer Support. Enter **05* followed by the code they provide.

Will my phone work inside a building?

No the phone works on line of sight technology and requires a clear view to the satellite.

How do I know when I am logged on to a satellite?

You will see an icon of a “house” and a “globe” on the LCD screen.

What happens if I cannot see a satellite from my location?

Try re-registering the phone by pressing the “up” arrow followed by the number “8” or power cycle the unit (turn it off then back on). If this doesn’t help then move to another location where you might have a better view to the horizon.

Does my handheld phone work on a boat??

Not necessarily. We recommend you use a marine antenna to improve your call success rate.

What do I dial to place a call?

All calls start with 00 followed by country code, area code and phone number.

How do people call my Iridium phone?

They have to start with the international dialing prefix for the country they are located in followed by your Iridium phone number. i.e. From the United Kingdom it is 00 and 011 from United States(Iridium number).

How do I use call forwarding?

Hit the “menu” key. Scroll with the right and left arrow keys to “call related features” and hit “ok”. Scroll down again until you see “call forwarding” and hit “OK”. Select the type of forwarding you require by hitting the OK button.

How do I set up my voicemail?

Hit the “envelope” key on the handset. Use the right arrow to scroll to “Message Settings” and hit OK You should see “voicemail number select”. Hit “OK”. Now enter the number 00881662990000 and hit OK Hit the “C” button to go back to main. From this point forward all you have to do is hit the envelope key followed by OK and your phone will dial into the messaging center.

How do I retrieve my voicemail messages?

After calling the messaging center, you will be prompted to enter your Iridium phone number. As soon as you hear the next prompt hit the “*” key. You will then be prompted to enter your password, which are the last 7 digits of your Iridium phone number (default). Follow the prompts to hear your messages.

How do I know if my Iridium is data capable?

Call Fluxcon Customer Support and have your SIM Serial number ready (located on back of SIM card or chip).

What is the MSISDN-C?

The MSISDN-C is your Iridium Data number.

What is ICC-ID?

The ICC-ID is the Serial Number of your simcard. If at anytime the customers loses the simcard details, this number can be quoted to Fluxcon to get the relevant information.